Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Milkshake anyone?

No, sorry, I don't mean the kind you drink. I'm talking about the kids' band. Kid's music has come a long way over the years. Our XM radio is almost always tuned to XM Kids (now Kids Place Live) and very few of the songs grate on my nerves like Raffi and some of the older Kids music does. I actually like the music and I don't need to worry as much about the lyrics like I do with music for other ages (other than the occasional use of the word "butt"). One of the groups you'll hear there is a group called Milkshake. Check out their site, there are some sample mp3s.

One of my favorites is Superhero. XM Kids did a remix of it when they were touring the various Childrens' Hospitals around the country. In that version there's a girl talking about all the beads she's gotten for getting various treatments at the hospital. It's very well done.

Anyway, as you can probably guess, since I rarely have any posts that aren't about giveaways, there's a giveaway going on over at Peanut Butter and Pickle Reviews for a Milkshake CD. Go enter (but not too many times please, because I REALLY want this CD!)


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