Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Iron Craft 12: Wanna Get Lucky?

I don't have a good luck charm.  I pray when I want "luck".  So, when Iron Craft issued this challenge, I was actually pretty stumped. Most of these challenges, I've had more problems narrowing what I want down to one item, but with this one, I really struggled.  I thought about doing something with the cross, but couldn't come up with something that I liked.  I thought of a Wordle or Word Cloud.  I thought of doing something printable, and actually had a quote picked out Monday night.  But I struggled with the design that would go around the quote (I'm not a graphic artist, I wish I were!).  So while I was Googling luck I ran across a reference to the Felix Felicis potion in Harry Potter.

So I found a small bottle and was planning on painting the inside gold and decorating the outside.  But, when I opened my gold paint, I discovered that it was all dried out.  So, change of plans!  I decided to just decorate that bottle instead.  So I glued some ribbon and sequins to it.

IC12: Felix FelicisIC 12: Felix Felicis

After this challenge and the Time Turner challenge, everyone's going to think I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, I'm not really.  But I do like the books and my daughter's reading them right now, so they're on my mind. Maybe she'll want to play with this once she gets further along in the series.


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