Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WFMW - Teaching Toddlers letter recognition

One of these days, I'll get it together enough to schedule the WFMW posts. But, I'm still getting up to speed on this whole blogging thing.

Anyway, I've got two little girls, and it's really hard not to compare milestones between the two, one walked at 14 months, the other before she was one, and so forth. Now that they're older, I see that the younger one isn't learning the same things at their day care that the older one learned at her age. Things like name recognition, pencil skills, etc. Mostly due to a difference in day cares. One of the things that I noticed was lagging was letter recognition. Our older daughter did this activity when she was 3 at day care, they cut out the letters from paper (the teacher did that part) and then they glued things to it that started with that letter (yarn on Y, etc). So, I've started to do the same thing with my younger daughter. I print out the letters from Word, cut them out and then she puts stickers on it of things that start with that letter. She views this as her "homework" and does it while her sister does her homework.

Then, I hang the letters up on the wall in her room and when we're getting dressed or ready for bed, I ask things like "Which letter is Abby on?" "Which letter is Cinderella on?" and so forth. We're up to F so far and she's doing really well with remembering what we've done. So, it definitely seems to be working for us.

For more great ideas head over to We Are THAT Family.


momstheword said...

What a great idea! I remember at my kid's preschool (they attended the same one, only four years apart) they had a letter of the day or week (I forget). They sure seemed to enjoy it.

Very clever of you to give your daughter "homework" like her big sissy. It must make her feel important!

Annette said...

Very cool! I did something similar using words my daughter can say...instead of stickers used Google images to find pictures.

I forget if I already thanked you for entering our Thank You!

Julie/mom said...

Thanks for leaving a comment about the Less Fat Cookies!

Yes, they are soft - just don't over bake them. Really you would never know all the butter was not in the cookies if I didn't tell you.

mamamia said...

great idea! I think this will work for us, too! I will have to try it with my daughter!

Jessica said...

cute idea. i'll have to give it a try with my little guy. thanks!

EGs' Mom said...

Good idea. Just don't forget to do the sound of the letter as well as the name.

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