Friday, February 5, 2010

Love Dare Challenge - Day 26

Each day, I read the comments over at the Love Dare site (click the link below) to read how others have completed their dare.  On Day 1, there were 152 comments, on Day 26, there are 5.  I really hope that it means that people ran out of things to say or were so focused on doing the Dare and improving their marriage that they didn't have time to post, rather than meaning that 147 people gave up.

Day 26: Love is responsible

When you judge another, you condemn yourself, since you, the judge, do the same things.
 —Romans 2:1 HCSB

I don't do intimate talks well.  It takes me forever to get up the courage to bring a topic up, so pray for me, as I ask for my husband's forgiveness.

Follow others that are doing the Love Dare by checking of Mama to 3 Blessings' post and Linky.


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