Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wire Angels

I've been contemplating this idea for years (litterally), but never took the time to do it.  Ever since I first tried crocheting with wire.  Priscilla has these really neat angels that are granny squares,  I made them one year for Christmas gifts (out of yarn).   But I got to thinking that they might look really neat if they were crocheted out of wire and as a bonus, you wouldn't need the pipe cleaner to help with the shaping.

Then, over at Iron Craft, they have a weekly challenge (announced on Thursdays) and I've been wanting to participate for a while but haven't been inspired, until now.  This week's challenge is to make something gold.  Ah Hah!  I've got gold wire and a bit of time.  So I present to you my first ever Iron Craft challenge project. I'm hoping to be able to keep doing these this year, I love the idea.

I didn't actually follow Priscilla's pattern, just used the basic idea.

I made two grannies with 32 gauge gold beading wire (I got this at the craft store a while ago).

Then, I took one of them and made it into a cone (so I took the top side and the right side) by wiring them together (I just used the tail that was hanging there).  The other one, I folded in half to make a triangle and ran the wire down through the holes in the middle to help it stay folded in half.  For the head, I crocheted a circle with three rounds of dc and then wove the wire through the stitches in the last round to gather it. And for the arms I chained the length I needed and then went back and did a sc in each stitch.

Then, I used  the tails to fasten them all together.
Again, I need to work on my pictures, sorry they're so blurry, but my camera battery died so I need to charge it.


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