Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Iron Craft 16: Taxman

This weeks Iron Craft challenge was to create something dealing with money.  I took the opportunity to knock out one of the other crafts that I've been wanting to do, but haven't taken the time.  We use a lot of gift cards and I'm always struggling to figure out if I have one for a particular restaurant. So, I decided to keep them in their own wallet.

IC 16: GiftCardWallet
Start with two rectangles of fabric that are about 6.5 inches by 4.5 inches and two rectangles that are 2 inches by 4.5 inches. (You'll also need about 1.5 inches of elastic and thread).
IC16: Gift Card Wallet
Turn down a narrow hem on the long edge of both smaller rectangles and sew.

IC17 Gift Card Wallet

Lay one big rectangle down (right side up) then lay the two smaller rectangles down at each end of the bigger rectangle (right side down with the hemmed edge towards the middle), lastly lay the other big rectangle on top right side down.

IC16 gift card wallet
Sew a seam around the outside edge making sure to catch all three layers where applicable and leaving a place to turn it.  Clip the corners.

IC17: gift card wallet

Turn, close the opening and then top stitch the whole way around.  Take a small piece of elastic, form it into a circle and sew it to the middle (I closed it up to see where that was).

IC16: Gift Card Wallet

Then, I put in a mini Sharpie and a set of Wallet windows that I bought.  I'll get another set for the other side.

IC16: Gift Card Wallet

Now, I'll have my Sharpie handy to mark the gift cards and I wont need to search through my wallet for them.

WFMW - Keeping Track of Gift Cards

We use gift cards quite a bit around here.  The schools do a fundraiser with them where they get a portion of the profits from the sale.  Our credit card gives us rewards in gift cards.  I'm a member of (interested in joining? let me know, I can refer you and we'll both gain!).  And Oh yeah, I get gift cards as gifts!

With all these gift cards, it's pretty much impossible to remember the balance on each one.  It's even worse when you consider I've got some for my kids as well and I try to let them choose how they're spent.  I tried keeping the receipt that they gave me with the balance on them wrapped around, but a lot of the receipts would fade over time.

Finally I came up with the idea of using a Sharpie to write the remaining balance on the card right away so that way I knew what was left on the cards.  Here's where I'm going to start keeping them.
IC16: Gift Card Wallet
For more great ideas check out the Works for Me Wednesday post over at We Are That Family.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Iron Craft 15: Bunny or Chick? Marshmallow Topiary

This week's Iron Craft Challenge is to use Marshmallow peeps or bunnies in a different way.  Since microwaving peeps with toothpicks so they joust really isn't a craft, I had to think of something else.

So, I present my Marshmallow Topiary.

Topiary supplies
Square vase
12 inch long dowel
8 Peeps Bunnies
Bunny shaped marshmallows (half a bag)
Glue Gun
Shredded green paper (not shown)
3" styrofoam ball
2" styrofoam ball or cube

Put two Bunnies on each of three sides of the vase, (facing outward).  If you're using a ball for the base, put some hot glue on the bottom of the ball and put it in the middle of the vase then squeeze in the remaining two bunnies (I used a knife between them and the vase to squeeze them in and avoid messing up their faces).
Topiary Base 2 Topiary Base

Next use the hot glue gun to cover the bigger styrofoam ball  (3") with the bunny marshmallows.  I found it was just as easy to put some of the glue on the ball and then put a bunch of marshmallows on.  But if you're having problems with the glue melting the ball you can put the glue on the marshmallow and then put it on the ball.
Topiary close up

Next take the ribbon and wrap it around the dowel rod and secure each end with a bit of glue.  Then, put a dab of glue on one end of the dowel and insert it into the ball that is in the vase.  Put glue on the other end and put the other ball on that end.  Then, finish it up by covering the base ball with shredded green paper or Easter grass.

IC15: Marshmallow Topiary

Do you have any great crafts to do with Marshmallow peeps?  Check out the Iron Craft flickr pool for more ideas!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

IC 14: Easter Post card

This time of year, Easter is on my mind.  So when the challenge for the week was announced as a post card, I immediately decided that I wanted to make an Easter one. The decision on what medium to use wasn't so easy.  I wanted to do something that looked like a stained glass window. But, I couldn't decide if I wanted to do it in fabric (either with stitching or black fabric paint for the leading) or if I wanted to do a project similar to one I did in Elementary school art class with black paper and tissue paper.  In the end, I ran out of time and ended up with just my prototype which is just a digital image.  But digital versions were allowed, so here you go.  Feel free to use it as you like, just don't use it to make money.

IC 14: Bunny Post card

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