Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Iron Craft 20: To a Tee

T-shirts are pretty much a staple in my wardrobe.  I wear them well over half the time.  So I've got a number of them and I've also got a number of them that are sitting there unworn because they have holes in or are stained.  So, I was really looking forward to this round.  I just needed to decide what to do.  I googled a lot and found this site.  Perfect the shirts there actually look a little more dressy afterwards.  So I gave it a try.  I took a blue t-shirt, put it on, marked where I wanted to cut it and then broke out the scissors.    I encountered a few problems in the process. One, I only ended up with enough "yarn" to go half way around the shirt's neckline, but fortunately I was able to finish the front.
IC 20: Neckline Close up
 Two, my stitches don't look nearly so smooth as the ones in their picture, I don't know if it's something with the way I cut the strip or if there's something else I did wrong.

IC 20 - To a Tee
 The neck opening it a little larger now than I really am comfortable wearing. I knew it would be wider when I made the decision on where to cut, but I was planning on having several rows of crochet.  My daughter tells me how much she likes the shirt every time I have it out though so maybe I'll try wearing it some time.

I really would like to try the one at this site too.  I've got a shirt in mind, but need to double check that it fits right.  Or, maybe one of the other Iron Crafters will submit something even better!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Iron Craft 19: Spring Craft Challenge

Over at the Iron Craft site they had a Spring Challenge.  We could do anything related to spring.  Well, around here, we broke out the flip flops as soon as spring hit.  But, my youngest had out grown hers from last year.

So, I found some for $1 and decided to embelish them.

Ribbon (less than a yard)
Two buttons
Thread and needle
Hot glue
Fabric paint.

Hello Kitty Flip Flop supplies

I cut 4 lengths of Hello Kitty ribbon (from Target's Dollar spot!) just slightly longer than the length of each side of the straps.

flip flop progress

Then, I hot glued the ribbon on each side, just to hold it in place for the next step.

Hello Kitty flip flop close up
Next I took a thread and needle and made a small stitch in one side of the ribbon, ran the thread under the strap and made another small stitch in the other side of the ribbon, essentially whip stitching the ribbon to the flip flop. (click to see a bigger version of the pics).

Hello Kitty Flip Flops
Then, I was afraid that the thread would break and the ribbon would come off, so I took some fabric paint and painted the inside of the straps with it.  I think it gives it a bit more finished look too.  I also sewed a flower button at the point.

I've done every challenge since I started the IC Challenge, but haven't blogged about them all. I'll try to do a post for the others a little later.

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