Tuesday, June 7, 2011

IC23: You Are Here

Actually, no I'm not "here", I'm on vacation, but I left after the challenge was posted, so I was able to complete it before I left!

This week we were to craft with a map. Recently, when my husband and I were planning our vacation we were talking about all the states that we've visited and that our girls have visited.  We decided we should start keeping track.  So for this week's challenge, I made a map of the US and colored in the states that my daughter has been to.


First, I found a simple map of the US via Google images.  I printed it out to the size I wanted it to be (mine was half a sheet of paper).  The map I picked had a boarder around the edge, so with the paper on top of the fabric, I sewed the border.  This helped to keep the paper from sliding around later.  Then, I very slowly just sewed around each state until they were all done.  I messed up Maryland a bit as you might be able to tell, I might go back and fix that.


After all the states were outlined, I very carefully tore away the paper. I used regular old white printer paper this time, but I'm thinking next time I might use something a little lighter, like onion skin or tracing paper. When I was tearing it away, some of the stitches pulled out.

Lastly, I took a non-washable crayon and colored in the states she's been to.


kat said...

What a great idea! I may copy it with a world map for Matt & I. BTW recently I did some stitching through paper too. I bought some tear away stablizer instead of regular paper & it was so simple to remove without pulling stitches.

Alex said...

I'm sure that your daughter will love this forever thought you might have to update to a world map as she gets older :) I have stitched through trace paper and it works out great, plus a roll of trace is super inexpensive. I also make my own patterns on trace, so it really comes in handy.

Reve said...

Did you machine-sew this? I love the idea, and gradual coloring-in with crayons. Do the different colors mean anything in particular?

Skinner Family said...

I love this idea too! I should do this from our adventures last summer. I may have to do with them this summer!

QAMom said...

I think I have some tracing paper somewhere. I've got two daughters so I need to make another one of these real soon and now that we're back from vacation, I've got more states to color in. (and actually I missed a few before too)

Reve - Yes, I did machine sew it. I considered doing it by hand, but since I pretty much only had Thursday night to do it, I opted to try doing it with the machine instead. It reminded me of my Jr High sewing class where we had to "sew" paper (without thread) to practice accuracy before we were given fabric.

Blue are states where grandparents live, Red are states where she's lived and green are states we've visited or passed through. Although thinking about it, it might be better to just go with one color in case someone moves :)

Melissa - you should, your girls have been to quite a few states! Let me know if you do and what you do with it once you're done. I'm not sure if I should frame it, make a pillow or what....

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