Wednesday, July 6, 2011

IC 27: Stars and Stripes

This week's Iron Craft Challenge is Stars and Stripes. I decided to do the obvious and go with the patriotic theme and actually did two things this week.

Earlier in the week, I'd done my nails for the 4th, once my daughters saw mine, they wanted theirs done as well. I wasn't going to count mine for the IC challenge since I'd done it before the challenge, but since I had to do 4 other hands, we'll just count them :)

We started with a plain coat of red.
Then we took some white and drew on some stripes.
Then, we painted the tips blue and followed that with some white dots for stars.
In between each step, we left the paint dry well.
Patriotic nails final
For this challenge I also created some new hair bows for the girls to wear. In the center of each one I put a star shaped cupcake topper (I trimmed off the pick part).



kat said...

You all must have looked very festive for the 4th!

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