Tuesday, July 19, 2011

IC 29: Button Up

This week's Iron Craft Challenge is Button Up.

I start out on Thursdays with all these possibilities, intending to do more than one thing each week.  Then reality hits and it's pushing me to be able to get ONE thing done.

This week I was going to create bookmarks this week and crochet a bracelet in addition to the bracelet that I actually managed  to complete, but I never made it that far.  Apparently getting the glue gun out is too much LOL.


I actually ended up making a bracelet.  This was actually very simple to make, I just connected the buttons with jump rings and used a clasp to close it.  Very easy!


I found my button collection rather limiting for this challenge. I think I'm going to be keeping an eye out for buttons at garage sales and thrift shops.

While I was doing this I ran across a button bracelet that I made back when I was younger and in my Laura Ingalls Wilder phase.  The one I made this week is quite different!


Pinkzilla said...

I may have to try this. I have about a million tiny, colorful buttons just hanging about my craft room that would look awesome made into a bracelet or even a necklace! Great idea!

kat said...

This is so modern & stylish!

GrandmaMarilyn said...

Love your bracelet. I would have never thought to use buttons to make a bracelet....well, not the way you did anyway. I use them for clasps and such.

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