Tuesday, August 23, 2011

IC 34 - On the Go - Candy Airplanes

This week's Iron Craft Challenge at Just Crafty Enough is On the Go.  So I made some of the candy airplanes that my Mom used to make for party favors growing up.
IC 34: Candy Airplane

For each airplane you need:
1 rubber band
1 roll of Smarties
1 stick of gum
2 Lifesavers (they need to have the hole in the center, Breathsavers and some of the other brands do not)
candy airplane supplies

Step 1: Feed the rubber band through the holes in the Lifesavers.
Candy Airplane step1

Step 2:
Hook both ends of the rubber band over the ends of the stick of gum.
Candy Airplane step2

Step 3:
Use a finger to spread the Lifesavers apart and slide the roll of Smarties in between the lifesavers and in between the rubber band and the stick of gum. Slide it so that the stick of gum is about 1/3 of the way back the roll of Smarties.
Candy Airplane front view

And you're done!
Candy Airplane sideview


kat said...

oh how clever was your mom?!

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