Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IC39 - Hold it! Cell phone case

Over at Just Crafty Enough, the Iron Craft Challenge is Hold it.  We're to make a case or a bag.

I recently got a new phone.  It was a new model that had just came out and there aren't many accessories for it.  The only case that Best Buy had when I bought it was a black one.  I really was hoping to get something a little more fancy since I couldn't do that with my old phone. So I started thinking about making one, not one that is a pocket for my phone, but one that I can leave on while I'm using it.

So, I looked through my fabric stash, found a piece I liked and decided to try making my own.

First, I took a piece of paper and traced around my phone.  Then, I took a ruler and added two inches to the top and bottom and one inch (twice the thickness of my phone) to each side and drew a larger rectangle around the tracing I had made before.


Next, cut out the rectangle and use it as a pattern to cut out the fabric.

Phone Case 2

Fold the long edges down 1/2 inch (the thickness of my phone) and sew both sides.
Next lay the phone in the center of the fabric, with the RIGHT side facing up. Bring the sides up and hold them there with a couple of rubber bands.
Next fold up the ends to where you want them. Ideally, not covering the screen or any buttons, but in my case in order to stay on, it has to cover the buttons, but I can still keep it from covering the screen.


Now, with needle and thread sew the corners and up the side a bit so that the bottom is closed. Then trim the excess fabric.
Next, I took it off the phone, turned it right side out and tested the fit. It fit pretty well, so I did the same thing with the other end.


Then I turned it right side out and checked the fit.

I was surprised by how easily it comes off and goes on.
I was also surprised that the buttons work ok even through the fabric (including the non hard ones).  So I don't need to cut a hole out of the bottom piece like I was originally planning to, unless I have problems remembering which one is which.  I'm planning on cutting holes out for the camera on the back and the top.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

IC 38: Black and White

This week's Iron Craft Challenge is another color challenge. I almost did some silhouettes for this week, but didn't have the time. So I decided to do one for Halloween that I did last year.


White plastic shopping bags
black permanent marker

Cut the front off the bag and trim off the handles. Ball up the front of the bag, the handles and another bag, and wrap the back of the bag around it. Then tie just below the ball with a piece of string. With the marker, draw on a face. Using the needle, run a piece of string through the top part of the ball to tie it to the tree.

Usually, I make a bunch and just tie them to the tree in my front yard and then cut them off after Halloween is over.

What's your favorite Black and White craft?  Check out the Iron Craft Pool for other ideas.

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