Tuesday, November 29, 2011

IC 48: Wreaths!

Iron Craft Challenge 48 is to create a wreath.

I decided to make an ornament.


Take a sheet of green felt.  Cut it into 4ths lengthwise so that you have 4 long strips.  Then, cut those strips into squares.  Mine were about and inch or so, not perfect, but that's ok.  Take each square and  cut it into a circle.  Just free hand it, if the circles are uneven, it will look better in the end.
If you held several pieces of felt together when you were cutting, separate them and out into a pile, so they get mixed up.


Then with a needle and thread, string the circles by inserting the needle half way between the center of the circle and the edge (If you do it in the center, you'll need more circles to have enough to make a wreath, doing it offset, allows for the center to be bigger with this amount of circles).  Once all of them are strung, tie them in to a circle.  I sewed around one more time just to make sure it was secure.


Then, I sewed a bow of red ribbon on the front and then I sewed a loop of ribbon between two of the green circles to hang it from.

I considered adding some beads or fabric paint ornaments, but decided not to.


Just Crafty Enough said...

Oh, that's much easier than I even though, cool project.

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