Wednesday, April 25, 2012

IC 8: Recycled Garden tags

This week's Iron Craft challenge was another recycling challenge, where we were to use something that was going to be thrown out.

I decided to reuse an aluminum pan that came with some IKEA cinnamon rolls to make some garden tags, so I don't need to remember where I planted what.

Recycled Garden tags
aluminum foil pan
old scissors
Styrofoam tray (or other soft surface, an old phone book would probably work too)

I cut the pan (using old scissors) into rectangles.  Then, I carefully folded over the sharp edges.  After that, I sat them on a styrofoam tray while I wrote (pressing hard) on them with a dull pencil.  Finally, I went back and used a black Sharpie to write again so it would stand out a little more.


kat said...

I need to do this, all my old markers are unreadable now.

buggalcrafts said...

Cute! These would also be cute glued to bamboo skewers (or clothespin) and topped with a gingham bow and then used to id dishes at a buffet.

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