Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MomDot Blog Party Day 9

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what is the most unusual gift you’ve received? It doesn’t have to be bad, just unusual.
One year I got a new pillow for Christmas. It was my first new pillow, until then, I'd always gotten someone else's reject pillow.

What was one of your favorite gifts?
Hmm Hubby usually gets me jewelry, and I like that. When I was younger, I got a Cabbage Patch doll that I really wanted. She ended up being one of my favorite dolls. Now, my Daughter is playing with her.

Do you think re-gifting is OK?
I think it's ok as long as it's new (although I'd prefer if they made at least some effort to hide the fact, meaning make sure the old gift tag isn't still on it!). I don't usually regift big items though. Maybe some soaps or something, but not say an appliance.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mom Dot Day 8

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Do you shop on Black Friday? What time do you start? Do you finish all your shopping on that day? What’s the best deal you have found? What’s your shopping strategy?
Sometimes. It depends on if there's something that I see in the ads that would make a good gift and if I have other plans for that day as well. When I start depends on when the sale is, if it's something that's available all day long and I don't think they'll sell out, I'll wait, otherwise, I'll get there as soon as I get the family moving in the morning. One year we had a bunch of coupons for free things (a Christmas plate, a snow globe, etc) so we planned a route based on when places openned and where we could get the free stuff.
I do NOT finish all my shopping that day though. Usually I'm with other people when I go shopping whether it's my husband, kids, or parents, I usually can't buy for them at the same time. And it's just too hectic to try to get everything in one day. I put more thought into gifts and a lot of times, I can get stuff before then (or after) and pay the same price. One year I even saw a store that had a lower price on some of their toys BEFORE black Friday and they raised it up that Friday.

Mom Dot Day 6

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Ok, I missed Day 6 because of work. But I'm catching up! Day 6's question was:
We would like to know what is your favorite holiday memory from your childhood.
I don't has a single specific memory. They're all mushed into one. But I do remember coming down the stairs to my Uncle's living room which was covered in presents for my aunts, uncles, cousins, and my brother and I. We always had to wait until everyone was there to open gifts, but usually we were allowed to open the gifts in our stockings while we waited (with so many people, we were scattered around at various houses, and inevitably, someone was running late).

MomDot Day 7

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Tell us who is on your naughty list? Who is on your nice list? Why?

This one's pretty easy. I don't have a naughty list or a nice list. I give everyone gifts as if they were nice. It's about the giving right? I didn't know that people actually did naughty and nice lists.

As far as how the Naughty and Nice list started, I wonder if it comes from the song "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". Or maybe it's mentioned in there, after it came about?

MomDot's at it again!

Mom Dot's at it again with another great contest! Check out this one where you can win a bunch of Christmas movies!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 5 of MomDot Blog Party

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Question: Today, make a blog post about what you do to give back during the holidays. Do you volunteer your time? If so, please tell us where. What do you do to teach your children the true meaning of the holidays?
The one thing I do every year without fail is donate canned food to the food pantry. I usually do other things as well but not always the same thing. One year I sent some toys and other supplies to Katrina victims. I've bought Toys for Tots in the past (and volunteered to wrap them). Last year and this year, I'm making donations to Hannah's closet (the girls' day care has a tree with angels on it and we can pick an angel off and buy what's written on the angel for one of the families, this year, I'm buying sleepers for a baby girl).
We really need to work more on teaching the real meaning of the holidays to our kids, especially now that Sara's old enough to understand. That will be my goal for this year, and to start it out, I'm going to take her to buy the sleepers for that little baby girl this Friday.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mom Dot Blog Pary Day 4

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And the Party continues at MomDot! Click the pic above to check it out!

What is your favorite Holiday recipe?
Hmm, that's a tough question. I LOVE food (which would be obvious if you could see me, I really need to go on a diet!). How about our most unusual item instead, 'cause I can't pick just one favorite! I think the most unusal would have to be Scalloped Onions.

Describe your holiday table.
At one time, when I was younger, we had a kids table and an adults table, but now that I've got kids, when my family gets together, they're the ONLY kids, so they'd be pretty lonely. We've been using the local Lions Club (of which my parents are members) or this year for Thanksgiving we're going to eat at my parents' church. There are just too many people to fit in my parents' kitchen and this way, we can all sit at one big table comfortably. My husband's family usually does one or two big tables as well instead of a kids table and an adult table.

What is your biggest holiday cooking disaster?
I'm probably going to jynx myself, but I very rarely have cooking disasters. I've never had one for a holiday, although I don't do much of the cooking for the holidays since we're usually visiting someone else. The last cooking disaster I had though was when I tried to convert this recipe to use in the crockpot. It turned out so bad that we threw it out and found something else for dinner!

What's your most unusual holiday dish?

Friday, November 14, 2008

MomDot Blog Party Day 3 - Budgeting for Christmas

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Today's questions are: Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Do you budget for the holidays? Do you always stick to your budget? Share with us any budgeting tips you may have!

Yes, I've started my Christmas shopping. Since we spend Thanksgiving with one side of the family and Christmas with the other, I try to get all the Christmas gifts I'm going to get for the family we're spending Thanksgiving with before Thanksgiving, so I can take them with us instead of paying to ship them. Usually I'm not completely successful and have to ship some stuff but it's better than having to ship it all. This year, I'm giving Advent baskets, where there's a small gift for each day from Dec 1st-Dec 25 and an envelope with some Bible verses to read along with some inspirational Christmas activities, thoughts, etc. Since we'll be seeing most of the people right before Dec 1st, it seemed like it would work well. I'll have to mail a few, to the family members that don't usually come for Thanksgiving, but their gifts would likely have needed to be mailed anyway. I've also started picking up things for the kids as I see them (especially if they're on sale). Kmart's got a coupon for one of the Barbies that my daughter asked for, the coupon expires tomorrow so I'll probably be trying to get that tonight or tomorrow.

I don't do a budget. I'm not a budget person, but usually I do end up spending a little more than I intend. (which probably indicates I really should do a budget!). I DO shop sales, all year long and put things aside for Christmas and birthdays. Even places like the Disney Store can have some good deals (I've gotten PJs there cheaper than Walmart and they've got the princesses on them, I've also gotten some stuffed animals for $1 or $2), you just need to keep your eyes open.

My parents used to do a Christmas Club through their bank. They made monthly payments (like you would for a loan) and then before Christmas the bank would give them a check for the money (plus intrest) it was was an account designed specifically for Christmas. I haven't looked to see if any of the banks around here do anything like that or not.

Where's your favorite place to find bargins? or great gifts for cheap?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

MomDot's blog party

Cool, My first Blog Party! I love parties!

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Today they're asking about our Christmas Traditions. Since my husband and I started our family, we've been away from both of our own families, by hundreds of miles. So, early on, we started alternating which family we'd visit for Christmas (and the other family, we visit for Thanksgiving). Even before we had kids. That way there weren't any complaints on who got to see us most.

This year, we'll be going to his family's celebration. Before we leave, Santa will bring some of the girls' gifts to our house the weekend before (anyone got a better idea on how to solve not carting all the gifts half way across the country?) Then, Christmas day, the girls will open their presents in the hotel room (his mom and sister live in an apartment with his neices, there's not enough room for us there). We'll probably just have the free breakfast at the hotel (not may restaraunts are open Christmas day) and then head over to his Mom's for a little bit before we all congregate at his uncle's for a late lunch/early dinner with all of his cousins and their families (I think there was close to 60 there last Thanksgiving).

When we go to my parents' house, we get up, have a special breakfast (usually danishes or cinnamon rolls), the girls open the gifts in their stockings while they wait for everyone else to arrive. They're the only kids in our family, so they really make out gift wise, but most of my family tries to keep it to pretty practical stuff (clothes, books, etc). They do get toys, but it's not all toys. After the gifts, then comes lunch, turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing (one with oysters, one without), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and sometimes flapper apples (apple rings that are colored red and cinnamon flavored). We've been having cake for dessert because it's also my SIL's birthday. Shortly after the meal, she and my brother leave to celebrate with her family. While the rest of us sit around and relax and watch the kids play.

So, I'm curious, does anyone have a good solution to Santa and a Christmas away from home, that doesn't involve taking all the gifts with us? Especially when they're big gifts (like the play kitchen we got my oldest a few years ago).


These are so cool! They're called Dapper Snappers check it out! They're a strip of elastic with snaps on them so you can use them as an alternative to a belt on kids clothes! It essentially is a belt, just for the back of their pants so that they don't need to buckle/unbuckle every time they go potty!

Even more cool is that Peanut Butter and Pickles is having a contest to give two away!

Now if only someone could come up with a way to do this without belt loops! Then I can get rid of the safety pins in the girls' waist bands.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 Days of Junkie

Tip Junkie is having a 12 days of Christmas contest where there will be a different contest for 12 days. All of the prizes are from Mom-preneurs. Check it out.

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